Balance and Posture shouldn't take a back seat to sitting!
We have evolved into a population of sitters. We sit at work, we sit on our way to and from work, and we sit at home. But sitting is destroying several areas of our health and fitness. Mobility and Posture are two of the most obvious. But you can do something about it!
By:Keenan the Kaizen Wolf
Track and Field - Competition Against Myself
For the love of sport, let's compete!
Cayden was not very big, or athletic for his age, while most of the athletes his age had already gone through that growth spurt that moves them from boy to man. As a result Cayden was significantly weaker, slower, and less athletic than his competition. But, in our coaching we helped Cayden develop his secret weapon. Using his secret weapon Cayden earned a medal and earned his way to the awards Podium. And, Cayden's secret weapon is available to everyone...
By:Scott NERDbody Eriksson
Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, thinking skills
Do Not Forget This!
Regular exercise improves memory and thinking skills
There are numerous studies that have linked exercise to workplace performance and cognitive abilities. Exercise helps the brain through its ability to stimulate the growth and survival of new blood vessels and new brain cells. It also helps reduce things that disrupt our mental performance like stress, anxiety, lack of sleep. In short, you are already smart, exercise will help you get smarter, stay smarter longer and better apply your super- smarts in your career, your relationships, your life! Here are some excerpts from just a few articles linking exercise with brain power!
By:Scott NERDbody Eriksson
They have some of the Brightest Minds inside some of the Baddest Bodies.
Extreme NERDbodies
Brilliant Brains and Bad@ss Bodies
"I had some allergies when I was younger," Lundgren says, and, as a result, " I wasn't very good at sports. So my kind of way to feel like I was somebody was to answer all the questions the teacher asked."

Most of us (me included) aren't trying to become a NERDbody Bad-Ass. We just want to make significant cerebral contributions without sacrificing our physical health and fitness. Still, it can be fun to acknowledge those rare outliers, blessed with Brilliant Brains and Badass Bodies. In this post we reveal the academic side of one NERDbody who on to become one the most recognizable NERDs in Hollywood as an Action Star... and on a more personal level, an electrical engineering student named Stephan whose approach to his studies bested even his outstanding athletic career.
By:Scott Eriksson
The Fantastic Four <br>Your Superheroes of Fitness
The Fantastic Four
Your Superheroes of Fitness
Mobility, Posture, Strength and Metabolism! For NERDbodies like mine these are the Fantastic Four of Fitness. By setting up my daily activities to promote each of these I get the maximum benefit from my commitment to my personal health, fitness, and happiness. And so can you...
By:NERDbody Scott
Building Better Brainiacs!
Building a Better Brainiac.
A Smart Approach to Fitness for Smart People.
Welcome to the NERDbody Blog. This site, this blog for all the smart professionals, like me, who sit while earning their living but want to be active and fit in our lives. The paradigm for fitness has changed. Say good bye to the idea that you have to sweat at the gym hours each day. Say Hallejulah and Hello to an intelligent approach to fitness for busy professionals like you! Read more for the Keys to a No-Sweat Fitness Program for busy professionals...
By:Scott Eriksson

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